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[2012.01.29] Filesonic Files Backup Scheme [Copy URL]

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Because of filesonic is closed the sharing system and disable the function of exporting links,
premium account user keep a backup copy their files hardly.

Below article is to introduce some simple ways to get and download the account links in owners' account.

Method A:
People can use the 冏rz上傳 and 冏rz下載 with the specialized scripts to get links and download these links easily.
The property of 冏rz上傳 or 冏rz下載 is like Greasemonkey can load many kinds of scripts and realize special requirement.
Pay attention, these programs and their scripts are designed by Taiwanese software engineer.
They can only work fine in Chinese Traditional Taiwn language environment of windows (win7、winxp) platform.
If you want to use these programs, please change your windows setting in Control Panel--> Region and Language.
You can fellow the below image step by step to set.

I'm sorry to tell everyone the bad news.
If  you can't change region and language yourself(User need use ultimate version, whether 32bits or 64bits version both work 冏rz fine),
you can't use 冏rz上傳 to get links and can't use 冏rz下載 download the links.
That is the software limitation.

The scripts of getting links and downloading files can be working for four modes:
Mode One ~ Mode Folder ~ Mode Three :Use 冏rz上傳 program to get links and foldr names.
Mode Four :Use 冏rz下載 to download files.

Mode One:Get all links from not only created folders but also the root directory in the filesonic account.
Download the 7z compressed files of 冏rz下載and冏rz上傳(the softwares download links list in the thread bottom),
and execute the 冏rz上傳.Please refer to the below picture.

Then, follow to the picture step by step.

The below  picture is the message of the executed result.

Because of the procedure will finish automatic,
if people can't recognize Traditional Chinese, people can ignore all the messages like the above messages.
The links will save to a txt file in the user's computer.

The format of the exporting txt file.

If 冏rz上傳 deal with lots of files in one account, the software could to be break down.
People can get links again or user can use the next mode.

Mode Two: People can get links from filesonic account accouding to special key words.

For example: The key word is Linux.

The below  picture show the messages of the 冏rz上傳 when it work.

Mode Folder: People can get all folder names in the account
and the information can let  you to check you want to get links in what folder.

step by step

excuted result

The txt file also could be saved to your computer c directory.

Mode Three:
Because of you have gotten the folders information of your account,
you can past the information in the description block (setp 7)

The script can deal with multi folders.
Pay attention, the format of the description must match the requirement of the script.
AAAA is meanning the top folder.
BBBB is meanning the sub-folder of the AAAA

| must to be locate to the end of string.

The txt file locate in c directory, too.

Mode four:
Download mode!!

For example: Get the links by mode three and download these files.

Start to download

Pay attention, although the downloading script is designed to auto import links in IDM and  download, it may not work fine...
This issue may due to the different setting and environnment for each computer.
So...we may need import the links to IDM ourself.

Method B:
I suggest everyone to try to use IDM to download files, but 冏rz下載 is very easy to start to  download,
so I also suggest everyone to use 冏rz下載 to download your files if you can access the speed of downloading.

If people just  copy and past the filesonic links to  Internet Download Manager(IDM), you may not start download your files successfully.
I suggest people to use IDM Cookie Importer to importer the information to IDM.
Except owner need to copy the links, he also need to past the owner's premium account cookie in the IDM Cookie Importer,
and the cookie information could be caught by firefox plugin-cookies manager+.

For exampleeople get the links by the mode three method.
I assume you have installed the firefox and logged in the filesonic official website finished,
then see the below pictures to do step by step.

1.All the scripts can work fine when it check the sub-folder links, but they only allow single-layer sub-folder!!
(top folder + a sub-folder)
2.IDM and IDM Cookie Importer can't support unicode file names.
If the file names you want to import to IDM include some unicode characters( like 永遠の愛のうた~),
please  cut off  all the names from the links then you gays can use IDM to download.
When IDM start to download, it will get the real file name from filesonic's server automatically.
   永遠の愛のうた.rar  ------>

3.If people want to  cut off the file names from the links, I suggest you guys to use ultraedit.

4.IMD can run downloading parallel of one file.

=======================Softwares And Scripts=======================
1.冏rz下載(with the scripts using mode four):
2.冏rz上傳(with the scripts using mode one ~ mode three):
3.IDM Cookie Importer:

Thanks for cl312ul31 and chyun ( share the scripts, they take lots of  time to write and debug these scripts hardly.
Thanks for keyout888  ( design and share the 冏rz下載 and 冏rz上傳.

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