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Decompressing Files Notice [Copy URL]

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A. The below sentences are the passwords to compress all kinds of files.If you want to compress the file,one of these passwoed must to be matched.
  1. 02400B9F9B6C_by_FDZone.ORG_and_ETC
  2. 02400B9F9B6C_FDZone.ORG_and_uid_2206_537_ETC
  3. secretid_02400B9F9B6C_uid_2206_537_45228_10184_12684_249503_545461853~AT~FDZone.ORG_ETC_PT
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B. I could make the par2 files and sfv files to let downloader to  check the crc32 error files you download and repair these files when the time allow.To check the downloaded files, you must user the ckfsv(linux) or quicksfv(windows).These softwares support the unicode.They are better  for checking in unicode system.Last, if downloader wnat to repair the files by par2 files,you must check cacacity of the par2 files.The more cacpacity the par2 files the more files you can reapir.By the way, the par2 files capacity I  create as biger as possible when the time allow.

For example:
  1. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.par2 (63.07 KB)
  2. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol00+7.par2 (1.24 GB)
  3. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol07+6.par2 (1.06 GB)
  4. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol13+6.par2 (1.06 GB)
  5. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol19+6.par2 (1.06 GB)
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Downloader wnat to decompress the B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4 pack(166 files) by 7z and he find he use the sfv file check  files and find only download 165files of these.Now he need to download 995MB par2 file.So he can download
  1. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.par2 (63.07 KB)
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and one of these files to reaire the loss file
  1. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol00+7.par2 (1.24 GB)
  2. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol07+6.par2 (1.06 GB)
  3. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol13+6.par2 (1.06 GB)
  4. B.D.M.V.Nadia-The.Secret.of.Blue.Water.Vol1-4.vol19+6.par2 (1.06 GB)
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How to repair the loss file, downloader can refer to the tutorial or research yourself.

Software Download:
cksfv: Downloader using ubuntu system can use apt-get install cksfv to install cksfv
cfv:cfv is the same as cksfv and it also can check folder and  files under it. Insatall it by the command apt-get install cfv

C. When you try to download a topic and you can't find the .sfv file, you can try to find the .CRC file.Sometimes the host can't allow I to upload the sfv file, so I can change the file name extention to avoide this issue.Downloader can user ultraedit to view the file and you can find the structure is the same as other sfv files,  they just check only files' CRC32.By the way,some topic really still have no checking file, sorry.

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